Sepi Painting & Waterproofing has a great deal of expertise and know how in the requirements of protective chemical coatings and finishes based on the research and environmental applications that these particular parts or components will be exposed to, such as salt water spray, jet fuel, hydraulics fluids or detergents.


Our objective is to deliver the best value in chemical coatings for your money by researching your needs to protect a particular surface or area now and into the future and selecting coatings that offer the best solutions where and when required.


Chemical coatings have limitations and proper applications. Making sure you understand what the products can and cannot do is of utmost importance. Exaggerating the performance of a product serves no one. Our customers find our frank and clear approach refreshing and helpful when planning long term maintenance budgets.

Key Benefits of the Service

  Using the appropriate coating on a given surface is key.
  Extend the life of the surface
  Protect valuable equipment from chemical damage
  Aesthetically keep equipment and surfaces looking good
  Our professional staff is regularly trained on the properties and applications of chemical coatings