We have extensive experience in the application of architectural coatings, such as 100% Acrylics, Elastomeric, Waterproofing coating and the amazing Lotusan Coating by STO Corp., a self cleaning coating with the Lotus effect.


Our Architectural Coatings division has many years of experience in all phases of painting. Our customer-focused approach makes the painting experience just that, an experience. From the development of the specifications of the project to the final application of the coating, we strive to ensure the you receive the highest quality.


We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the look and curb appeal that they may desire for their property. From new construction to existing buildings that need a facelift, our professional staff help you to select the proper coatings. We then execute with full attention to the smallest details.

Architectural Coatings, Miami, FL Architectural Coating Services, Miami, FL

Key Benefits of the Service

Waterproofing and painting your building is the key to preserving its coating integrity and beauty. Our professional staff carefully scope out and measure the coating application to ensure maximum coverage to your building. Whether you are looking for a brand new coating or updating coverage to maintain and to protect your building.

Well prepared buildings to properly hold the coatings for many years in the harsh Florida climate
  Make a meaningful statement with our color palette which is attractive to tenants and clients
  Extend the life of your building with professional waterproofing using high quality materials
  Reduce maintenance costs by proper application techniques based on proven methodologies
  Increase the value of your property with curb side appeal

Over 50 years of combined experience which saves you time and money and prevents inexperienced mistakes and delays.
Our professional staff attend annual training seminars to learn proper application of our products.
Licensed in Painting & Waterproofing
Certified, Insured and Bonded
Our Architectural Coatings division has over 50 years of experience in all phases of painting and our customer focused approach makes us the best suited company for you.
Sepi Painting & Waterproofing, Inc. stands behind our work and our products, their proper selection and application, our timely delivery and completion of services, and sensitivity to your tenants privacy and enjoyment of your property.
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