The appearance you present to your customers when they arrive will set the pace for what they should expect to see once they are inside. That is why pressure washing commercial buildings and specially store fronts, awning and parking lots has become routine maintenance for almost every major retail store.


Dirt, grime, mildew, pollution on the exterior of buildings is not only unsightly but damaging. Oil, gum, grease on parking lots and walkways show a run-down uncared for appearance, and can even be dangerous and slippery. Pressure cleaning with an appropriate detergent is a safe and effective way of cleaning and sprucing up a building, store fronts, parking lots, walkways. But as simple as pressure cleaning might look, it demands proper technique for good results and effective use of time and materials. Awnings and canvas have been known to be frayed by improper spraying; dirt and grime redeposited by wrong angling; items damaged by wrong distance from the spray head. Hot instead of cold water, to be more effective and to make detergent stretch further.


Preparing the area and allowing for runoff are important steps. Covering exposed items such as light fixtures, electric meters, telephone interface boxes, and other exterior electrical components. Washing in the proper direction and in sequence; flushing the machine and rinsing the building or the fixtures; specialty applications for embedded dirt or grime; pre-soaking in some cases; using the proper chemicals for certain applications such as commercial bleach on bad mildew spots.



Key Benefits of the Service

Pressure Cleaning restores your building, store front, parking lot, walkways to an attractive look and prevents further damage from pollutants.

  Attractive appearance to attract and retain clients
  Preventive maintenance schedule to avoid more expensive repairs
  Reflects positively on your attitude toward your customer
  Our professional staff uses the best equipment for the job and is trained on it regularly