Waterproofing specific substrates is absolutely key to the long lasting structural integrity of any building. Waterproofing is highly recommended for mid-rise and high-rise buildings.


Waterproofing of exterior surfaces, such as concrete decks and balconies, is essential in the prevention of expensive structural damages. Properly planned and executed, waterproofing adds significant life to a building.


From parking decks to parabit walls to window seals and expansion joints, the proper maintenance and upkeep of these areas is critical to prevent costly water damage.

Waterproofing Services, TeamSepi, Miami, FL

Waterproofing Services, TeamSepi, Miami, FL

Key Benefits of the Service

Waterproofing helps to strengthen a structure.

  Waterproofing prolongs the lifespan of concrete
  Unsightly and costly mold growth is prevented by keeping unwanted moisture out.
  Maintenance costs are reduced when proper maintenance is carried out.
  Costly concrete repairs are avoided when proper upkeep of a waterproofing system is followed.
  Our professional staff is trained constantly in the latest methods and products to ensure solid seal and protection.