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Architectural Coatings

Exterior architectural coatings are essential for commercial buildings. There are multiple types of architectural coatings available, but you will be protecting your facility no matter which one you choose. 

Purchasing a commercial building is no doubt a significant investment, and you’ll want to preserve its value as best you can. That is where architectural coatings come into play. In some cases, if you choose the right coating, you can boost the value of your property as well. 

Keep Your Commercial Building Looking Great

We’re all guilty of judging a building, whether commercial or residential, by its appearance. With a quality architectural coating, your commercial property will maintain its clean and new aesthetic for much longer. 

By maintaining the exterior coating of your property, you can ensure that consumers and people who live in the area have a positive perception of the building rather than thinking of it as an eyesore. First impressions are always memorable, especially at places of business.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

As the owner of a commercial property, regular building maintenance is already on your radar. However, by choosing the right architectural coating, you’ll be able to better preserve the property and reduce the number of potential issues that may occur from weather such as rain, snow or heat. 

Exterior coatings typically come with more extended warranties because they are made to withstand climate changes and mold/mildew. You can also make it easier to keep the exterior of your building clean with proper architectural coatings that resist stains and other damage. 

How do I know which architectural coating is best for my commercial property?

There are many types of architectural coatings available, and it is crucial to understand the difference so that you choose the one that works best for your needs. 

  • Latex Enamel Coating  are probably the most popular type of coatings used on the market. They are typically used as a final coat over other primers and are most common on exterior and interior walls of commercial, multi family, condominium buildings and residential homes.
  • Alkyd coatings are best known for resisting environmental factors. However, they may be more expensive and result in a longer drying time. 
  • Epoxy coatings are a blend of a curing agent and an epoxy.  Since they are mixtures, there can be many different variants. That being said, most epoxy coatings are very adaptable to many different climates. 
  • Zinc Coatings are most popular for being used on steel rather than buildings due to the corrosion prevention of the zinc. 

Let the Coating Experts Help You

Choosing the architectural coating that will add value to your investment property is important, and you should ensure that you are working with experts like the team at Sepi Painting. The staff are knowledgeable and best equipped to help you make the best choice for your property. Contact Sepi Painting today for more information.