Electrostatic spray painting is an ideal option for painting many types of metal surfaces.


When performing onsite or maintenance painting such as fencing, handrails, window frames, etc. electrostatic is a great option. By increasing the transfer efficiency of the coating, a factory-like finish is possible in the field.


Electrostatic paint application uses positive and negative charges to apply paint in order to prevent overspray and to ensure an even application. It works by creating an electrostatic field between the object and the paint. The grounded object (object to be painted) is positively charged in order to attract the negatively charged paint molecules to its surface. The grounded object acts like a magnet pulling the paint into all angles, joints and crevices, forcing even disbursement and therefore coverage of the paint.

Electrostatic Painting

Miami Electrostatic Painting

Key Benefits of the Service

For difficult to paint surfaces such as window frames, handrails, fencing and other such architectural and design details, electrostatic spray painting is the best solution.

  Niches and crevices are filled properly and evenly
  An aesthetic look difficult if not impossible to duplicate with other methods
  Long-lasting adherence to metal surfaces
  Electrostatic spray painting requires extensive training with we do with our staff regularly

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