Top 3 Painting Trends In 2022

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Top 3 Painting Trends in 2022

It’s amazing the impact paint can have on a space.

If you rent out residential properties, you know just how important it is for future tenants to imagine themselves living there as they visit. It can even make or break their decision to choose your property.

Colors that are outdated or no longer popular, tend to be deterrents. But, staying up to date with trends can be a lot. Not to worry, we’ve got the 3 latest trends for you today. 

For Office Interiors

A major trend right now in commercial spaces is to use calming colors balanced by an aesthetic edge. In an effort to encourage employees to return to the office, employers have opted to use soothing color schemes to create environments that are modern and inspiring but also very welcoming.

Some of the most notable combinations are neutrals with nature-inspired colors.


Besides colors, there are also some standout trends when it comes to paint itself. 

Consumers are pushing for innovation in the areas of durability and sustainability, wanting to be sure that the paint they purchase will last a long time and be less harmful to the planet. We’ve also noticed a demand for paint that has antimicrobial properties, most likely attributed to an increase in cleanliness following the pandemic.

For Home Interiors

Warmer shades, earthy tones, and neutral colors are the most popular choices for home interiors this year – a direct result of spending more time indoors these last few years and wanting to bring a bit of nature to the home.

Consumers are continuing to move away from gray and move toward colors like sage green, pastel salmon, and steel blue. We’ve also been seeing a preference of neutral walls with bold accents of navy or khaki green to give a little pop of color.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Paint Trends

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