What is Electrostatic Painting & When Should You Use It?

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Regular painting methods don’t always work on every surface, particularly metals, especially those that are outdoors. Using standard rollers and brushes may leave visible streaks, and latex and oil-based paints can bubble or peel on surfaces in outdoor environments. This is where electrostatic painting comes in to offer the durable painted finish for your interior and exterior metal surfaces.

How Does Electrostatic Painting Work?

When you think of a magnet sticking to the side of the refrigerator, it is the action of positive and negative molecules attracting. Metal has negative molecules, and the magnet has positives that cause it to stick. Electrostatic painting works the same way.

When using electrostatic painting, the paint molecules are positively charged as they exit the spray nozzle pointed at the negatively charged metal surface. Not to get too scientific, but the attraction between positive and negative molecules is 75 times that of gravity which makes it possible for even paint that was sprayed close to the surface to be attracted to the surface. The positive paint molecules will be attracted to the surface with the highest negative charge, meaning that the paint will be attracted to the areas without paint, creating an even surface.

Standard paint sprayers allow the paint to go where the gun is pointed and the person has the most control of where the paint goes and how to get an even coat. This causes more overspray and allows for more human error. When you use electrostatic painting, you are creating an environment that propels the paint toward the metal due to the magnetic attraction. This drastically reduces overspray and uneven coating during the process.

What Are The Benefits of Electrostatic Painting?

Now that we have broken down how electrostatic painting works, it is clear that painting metals is easier using this method. But there are many other benefits as well for using electrostatic painting for metals.

When painting metals, getting a powder-like coating is important to protect and make the equipment durable. Electrostatic painting allows for a smooth and protective coating without the need to be done in a factory setting. You can do the painting onsite to refurbish already existing equipment.

As with any project no one likes to waste materials. Electrostatic painting allows for reduced loss of paint due to overspray. There is up to a 98% transfer rate when using electrostatic painting compared to the 40% efficiency with standard paint sprayers so you ultimately waste less paint in the process.

While electrostatic painting will cost a bit more than standard painting, you’ll get added value to what you are painting. The value received includes needing less coats of paint and the value added by extending the life of the material you are having painted.

Another benefit is that not only will you get a quick and convenient project completed, but you’ll also get a durable surface that is easy to clean with a sleek look. Restoring metal equipment using electrostatic painting as part of the process will give your items a new look in many different color options.

If you need to paint metal such as iron fencing, outdoor equipment, refrigerators or other outdoor equipment, electrostatic painting is the way to go. However, you’ll want to make sure you have an experienced team on your side. Our crews at Sepi Painting are expertly trained in electrostatic painting to help restore your metal surfaces so they look like new. Give us a call today to get a free quote for your project.