Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

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Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

Is your commercial building in need of some TLC?

Refresh its appearance with a fresh coat of paint!

We generally recommended that, to maintain the appearance of your commercial building, its exterior should be repainted every seven to ten years

How often you repaint the interior depends on what you use your building for. When it comes to deciding when to retouch the interior, it largely depends on how much wear and tear the walls experience. In the case of an industrial building, such as a warehouse, it might need to be repainted more often than an office, for example. 

However, the benefits of repainting go beyond maintaining a beautiful appearance. Here are some reasons why you should repaint your commercial property.

7 Reasons To Repaint Your Commercial Property 

To make any necessary restorations

Just like any painting project, the walls will need to be cleaned and prepared before being repainted. This is the perfect time to check on and assess your building’s condition. 

Take advantage to repair any damages or to consider waterproofing your building.

To enhance the value of your property

If you’re selling your commercial property, a nicely painted interior helps buyers to see the space more clearly and envision their business in it. In an area full of similar properties, fresh exterior paint can help it stand out from the rest. Plus, a building in good condition has a higher market value and more curb appeal.

To introduce a new era

Your business can look brand new with a fresh coat of paint.

As part of the rebranding process, a rebrand generally involves a change in brand colors. But, even if you’ve rebranded and kept the same colors, painting can communicate that there has been a change in your business.

To make a positive first impression

Repainting can add that extra wow factor to your property. A building’s appearance, especially its exterior paint, is one of the first things people notice. It’s no different for the interior.

A well-kept exterior can motivate people to enter your building, and a well-kept interior can encourage them to stay inside.

To create a better environment for your employees

The impact of a new paint job is not limited to your customers; it can also be felt by your employees.

As an example, repainting an office can make it more comfortable and pleasant for your employees. An office that is clean and fresh feels better to work in, and can contribute to a more productive atmosphere.

To maintain a safe interior  

Exterior paint is not just for decorative purposes. Paint acts as a barrier that secures your building’s interior from outside elements like insects, weather, and water. 

Keeping moisture out can help prevent mold and mildew from growing on walls inside. That mold can eat away at the structural integrity of your building and also cause health problems. 

To keep maintenance and repair costs low

In terms of maintenance, repainting can help strengthen and protect your commercial building from inevitable wear and tear, reducing maintenance and repair costs over time.

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