5 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Building’s Exterior Paint

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5 Ways To Make Exterior Paint Last Longer

There’s no doubt that one of the first things people notice about a building are its exterior walls. The appearance on the outside will undeniably set the tone for what people should expect once inside.

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to businesses. If you’re looking to sell one of your properties or entice new customers to visit your business, keeping a sharp exterior is key.

An exterior paint job is a significant investment, but the results can last for many years if done properly. How can you make your building’s exterior paint last longer? Here are 5 tips from the pros.

Choose The Right Paint

The Paint or Product you choose should be high quality. While high-quality paints are more expensive, they typically provide better coverage, better look over time and results with lower maintenance. The paint’s durability, weather resistance, and color retention are also important to take into consideration.

Prep The Surface With A Thorough Clean

This first step to making an exterior paint job last long is often overlooked. Any grime, mildew or pollution from the exterior of your building must be removed by pressure cleaning. Any damages such as cracks should be filled in. Once that’s all done, any remaining paint should be removed with a sanding block.

Make Sure The Surface Ss 100% Dry

Unless a surface is completely dry, it should not be painted. This will take some patience, but painting on a wet surface can result in damaged texture, blisterting smudging, and an uneven coat.

Don’t Forget The Weather

Certain paints must be applied at certain temperatures. It’s essential to track weather conditions and plan accordingly. For example, painting on days when it’s scorching is not ideal for the paint to properly bind and can cause potential peeling in the future.

Thickly Coat The Surface

Once the surface is all prepped and ready, it’s time to paint. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended spread rate and thickness or mils to achieve the proper coverage. A properly applied coat can better withstand nature’s elements and add several years of protection to a paint job. On another note, paint should never be thinned with water; they are formulated to be used as they are, and doing so will reduce efficiency.

Ensure Your Building’s Exterior Paint Lasts For Years

Painting an exterior is a big job; we hope these tips will help you. If you’d like to hand this project over to a professional service, count on our team. We’ve been painting commercial and residential properties in South Florida since 1994 and work with some of the most reputable products and suppliers in the business.

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