How to Slow Down Exterior Paint Fading

Did you ever wonder why your commercial building’s exterior paint fades faster than its interior paint? When paint is exposed to UV rays, harsh weather, or air pollution for long periods of time, its pigments will gradually begin to break down. Eventually, this breakdown leads to fading. There’s no avoiding the sun in South Florida. […]

How To Prepare Your South Florida Commercial Property For A Hurricane

Whether it’s your first hurricane season or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s always necessary to plan ahead to protect your home and your family. Commercial properties are no different.  Prepare your commercial building in South Florida for hurricane season by getting organized now. It can take weeks or even months for your business to be […]

How To Set A Budget For A Commercial Painting Project

Not sure where to begin when it comes to painting your commercial property? Setting a budget should be one of your first priorities. Without a budget, it’s very likely that you’ll end up spending more in the long run. Budgeting for a commercial painting project can be challenging because there are so many factors involved. […]

How To Know When A Building Needs Concrete Restoration

How To Know When A Building Needs Concrete Restoration

Paint is not the only thing that keeps your commercial building looking its best. Concrete also plays a major role in the structural support and shape of buildings. Whatever the cause, weathering, aging, water damage, or wear and tear, concrete restoration is a must to maintain your commercial building in peak condition. Regardless of how […]

Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

Is your commercial building in need of some TLC? Refresh its appearance with a fresh coat of paint! We generally recommended that, to maintain the appearance of your commercial building, its exterior should be repainted every seven to ten years How often you repaint the interior depends on what you use your building for. When […]

Why Do You Need To Waterproof A Commercial Building?

Why Do You Need To Waterproof A Commercial Building?

Owning a building in sunny Florida definitely has its benefits. The sun shines throughout the year, the beaches are beautiful, and there’s plenty to see and do. One downside of the Sunshine State, however, is hurricane season and the humid, rainy weather typical of tropical climates. Both of these are known to cause problems that […]

Why You Should Attend An HOA Trade Show


Looking for ideas to improve your property? Why not attend a homeowner’s association trade show? Events, especially tradeshows, are an integral part of the real estate industry. At HOA trade shows, you can discover all the latest developments in home association management. HOA trade shows attract vendors from all over the country who offer a […]

How to Maintain Your Commercial Building’s Exterior Paint Job

Maintain Paint Job 2023

A building’s first impression says a lot to customers. In most cases, its paint does the talking. But, the purpose of paint actually goes beyond aesthetics. Paint acts as a layer that helps protect your building from weather, pests, and water seepage.  To keep your building’s exterior paint in the best possible condition, both regular […]

5 Budgeting Tips for Commercial Painting Projects

Budgeting Tips for Commercial Painting Projects

With pollution, volatile weather, and scorching heat, Florida buildings get a lot of wear and tear. As a commercial building owner in the Sunshine State, it’s necessary to include repaints in your maintenance budget. At Sepi Painting, we have over 28 years of experience assisting commercial building owners with budgeting for their painting projects. To […]

The Best Colors To Paint Your Commercial Property In 2023

The Best Colors To Paint Your Commercial Property In 2023

Why do color trends matter?  Keeping up with color trends can help your commercial properties feel fresh, modern, and more aesthetically pleasing, ultimately increasing their appeal. Design and color trends typically reflect what is going on in the world. We can really see that after these past 2 years as color trends have shifted towards […]