Quality Control Checklist for Commercial Painting

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Quality Control Checklist for Commercial Painting

If you don’t know what to look for, a bad paint job can be hard to spot. The good news is, a contractor can usually fix most painting errors before wrapping up if you catch them early on in the process.

As you go through your commercial painting project, there are some details to pay attention to.

What To Look Out For In The Commercial Painting Process

Before your commercial painting project finishes up, check:

The paint color

It all starts with the right color when it comes to painting. If the color you’ve chosen seems off once it’s on the wall, it might be a result of improper paint mixing, primer not being applied, or a dirty surface.

This is something you should keep an eye on early in the process. If you don’t like how the color is coming out right from the beginning, there may still be some time to fix it.

For any bleeding around the edges

At the end of the project, check to make sure that there is no bleeding around the edges of the walls. While this is an error that can easily be avoided, experienced contractors will know how to prevent bleeding seams.

If the paint appears even and smooth

It’s possible that, at first glance, freshly painted walls look smooth and even. However, you should properly inspect them to make sure that this is the case.

In certain lighting, air bubbles, drips or other issues may not be easily visible. You should take a closer look at your walls to make sure that the new coat has been evenly applied. We recommend running your hand along the painted surfaces (once they’re dry!) and checking them under different lighting if you can.

For any holes or peeling paint

It’s definitely a cause for concern if newly applied paint is already starting to peel off. This might mean that the paint either hasn’t been properly applied or that there is an underlying problem with the surface itself.

Count On Our Commercial Painting Experts

Our commercial painting services are available for all types of commercial and industrial properties. Let us help you transform uninviting, peeling walls into a more welcoming environment for your customers.