What Colors Should You Paint Your Commercial Building’s Exterior?

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What Colors Should You Paint Your Commercial Building's Exterior?

When selecting the colors for the exterior of your commercial building, you need to take a lot of factors into account. There’s more to choosing a paint color than meets the eye, making it no easy task.

As one of the first things people see, your building’s walls say a lot about what’s inside. The message they convey can even impact someone’s perception of your business and can potentially determine whether or not they decide to walk in.

We created a short guide with four things to think about when choosing the color of your exterior commercial building. Take a look below!

How to choose the right color for your commercial building’s exterior

Your brand colors and style

While you want to set your business apart from the competition, you still need to stay true to your brand when choosing paint colors. You don’t necessarily have to paint your building the color of your logo, but we recommend choosing colors that reflect your company’s identity.

Color psychology

There are different emotions associated with different colors. How do you want to make your customers feel when they walk up to your property? Go for a color that can help create that atmosphere. To give you an idea, light blue would suit a business that wants to create a calming feeling in their space. Red would be better for a business that wants to have a livelier feel.

The surrounding area

Ideally you want to make your building noticeable without being overbearing. For example, avoid bright colors if your commercial property is surrounded by plants and trees. Natural or more earthy tones would work better in this case. Save those brighter colors for a building located in a city environment.

Architecture and exterior building materials

Take a look at the design of your building and what the exterior walls are made of. Exterior materials can affect the way paint looks and its durability. Not only that, paint techniques usually need to be adapted to variations in different surfaces and textures.

Count On Our Commercial Painting Experts

Before you begin looking at colors, it can be helpful to be familiar with your overall business goals. Regardless, if you need help selecting colors, we’ll be glad to help.

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